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Cross Stitch Flowers


Floral patterns are timeless. No matter what style you’re opting for, flowers are a popular and attractive decorative statement. When it comes to cross stitch kits, modern floral patterns are extremely common. At Embroidery Kits Superstore, we stock the largest range of floral cross stitch kits in Australia. Whether you’re looking for something simple and easy to follow or something more detailed and intricate, we have the cross stitch flowers kit for you.  


Floral Cross Stitch Kits


Invite nature into your home with modern floral cross stitch patterns. Our high-quality embroidery kits allow you to capture the essence of the natural world by creating a design that represents your favourite flower. Whether you’re looking to produce a simple and easy flower cross stitch or a field of foliage and exciting plants, our cross stitch kits will help your designs blossom.  


Our tiled patterns and vibrant threads will enhance the look of your floral designs and create a beautiful garden theme that you will love. Your floral cross stitch kit is suitable for various applications – meaning you can simply frame the canvas, hang it on a wall as an artistic masterpiece or embroider it into clothes and textiles to give your wardrobe some added personality.  


Choosing Your Floral Cross Stitch Patterns


The beauty of our floral cross stitch kits is that they come complete with everything you need to finish your sewing masterpiece. To ensure your unique and handmade project comes to life, our kits contain a tiled pattern with your choice of imagery, coloured threads that correspond to the design, a canvas, easy-to-follow instructions, embellishments if required, and more.  We have a wide range of floral patterns in our cushions kits and tablecloth kits collections.


We stock a vast range of floral cross stitch kits, meaning we have something for every skill level. Whether this is your first time attempting a stitching project and you’re looking for an easy and simple floral pattern, or you call your