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Cross Stitch Adelaide

Embroidery Kit Superstore is Australia’s largest online retailer for all stitching and embroidery supplies in Adelaide. We offer a diverse range of embroidery kits for all skill levels, including cross stitch, long stitch, garment, beaded, and more.  


As the country’s first and most innovative Embroidery Kit Superstore, we guarantee an online shopping experience that is enjoyable and efficient. We offer a wide variety of stunning designs and patterns to choose from, including embroidery supplies that will keep you busy for hours. Learn a new skill and exercise your creative control with one of our many embroidery kits. Discover our many embroidery kits and supplies today and get stitching!  

Free shipping to Adelaide for orders of $69 and above.

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Embroidery Kits


Cross Stitch Kits


Cross stitch kits are our most popular products. Cross stitching is the art of using a tiled pattern to create various stitches that form an overall design. This design can be anything that you find aesthetically pleasing. At Embroidery Kit Superstore, we offer cross stitch kits for flowers, animals, landscapes, holiday seasons, and more. Each cross stitch kit contains everything you need to complete your project, including threads, images, canvas, patterns, and more. Take a look at our comprehensive range of cross stitch kits.  


Garment Embroidery Kits


The garment embroidery kits contain all the tools and supplies you will need to stitch a creative design onto a piece of clothing. Personalise your outfits with unique threads and funky patterns. Our garment embroidery kits include images such as flowers and animals and are perfect for refreshing your wardrobe.     


Bead Embroidery Kits


Our online store stocks the most stylish selection of bead embroidery kits. When looking to take your cross stitching skills to the next level, choose a high-quality bead embroidery kit that will result in an amazing, unique design. These kits include threads, canvas, patterns, and of course, beads to ensure you complete your project correctly. Our bead embroidery kits include animal, flower, and landscape designs.  


Cushions Cross Stitch Kits

Create your own personalised cushions with our embroidery kits. With a vast range of stunning patterns, images, and designs to choose from, you will be able to stitch cushions that are comfortable, attractive, and suit your home’s visual aesthetic. We offer cushion embroidery kits in various designs, including floral and animal prints. Choose your favourite embroidery kit today and create your perfect cushions.  

Plastic Canvas & Toys


Utilise our range of embroidery kits to create personalised gifts for your loved ones. With our plastic canvas kits and toys, you can create a completely unique cross stitch design that children will love. Add a personal touch to your gifts by learning a new skill and creating your own set of toys. Find out more about our plastic canvas and toys embroidery kits.    




In addition to our wide selection of embroidery kits, we also provide various accessories and supplies. This includes fabrics, thread organisers, frames and stands, needles, and more. At Embroidery Kit Superstore, we have everything you need to start your stitching project. Our accessories and supplies are of the highest quality and will help enhance your stitching skills.  


Start Your Stitching Project Today!


For all your stitching needs in Adelaide, order from Embroidery Kits Superstore. We have everything you need to create the most stunning cross stitching projects.  

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