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Dog Cross Stitch


Do you love dogs and pups as much as we do? If yes, then our dog cross stitch kits are ideal for you. With the widest range of dog cross stitch kits in Australia, we have the perfect design for everyone. Our dog cross stitch kits are unique, cute, quirky, and detailed designs that will keep you busy while allowing you to harness a new skill. 


Cross stitching is a skill that involves using a tiled pattern to form various stitches that will create an overall design or image. At Embroidery Kits Superstore, we offer dog cross stitch kits of all complexities. This means we offer simple kits for beginners and more challenging and intricate designs for those with more stitching experience. Each of our kits contains everything you need to complete your dog cross stitch pattern – including threads, images, canvas, patterns, and more. Start your dog cross stitch by ordering from our store today!  


Dog Cross Stitch Patterns


From Border Collies to Pugs and Golden Retrievers, we have plenty of designs and images to choose from. With a wide selection of dog-related embroidery kits, you’ll be able to plaster a stitched version of your furry friend wherever you wish – this includes as a framed canvas or on an item of clothing.   


Detailed Designs  


For those with more skill and experience when it comes to stitching, our online superstore stocks a range of intricate and detailed designs that will allow you to create a realistic, almost life-like image of a four-legged friend. Our detailed designs are more difficult and will allow you to practice your stitching skills while having fun.  


Animated Designs  


Our animated-style designs are cute, quirky and full of fun. Frame these stitched canvases to add a level of character to your home or indoor space. Our animated designs come in all shapes and sizes, making them perfect for beginners or intermediate stitchers looking to get started. With dog-related quotes, seasonal images, and amusing backgrounds, you’ll be spoilt for choice with our dog cross stitch pattern selection.  


Order From Embroidery Kits Superstore Today!


At Embroidery Kits Superstore, we supply the widest range of embroidery kits in Australia. We are proud to own one of the most innovative embroidery kits ranges in the country, with a large selection of dog cross stitch prints available to our customers. Choose your favourite dog cross stitch pattern and start stitching today! 

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