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Cat Cross Stitch


Do you have a love for cats and can’t get enough of the furry, four-legged friends? Take your cat obsession to the next level by creating a unique cross stitch project representing your favourite feline. At Embroidery Kits Superstore, we stock a wide selection of cat cross stitch kits - wild and not - that will allow you to express your love for cats while unleashing your inner artist. Cross stitching is a skill that can be easily picked up and developed – enabling you to create intricate, stunning patterns that you can showcase on any fabric you desire. Choose from our wide range of cat cross stitch kits and start sewing today!  


Cat Cross Stitch Kits


Cats are majestic, calm, and independent animals. Not only do they make great pets, but they often serve as models for popular imagery and art. Showcase the fierceness or the cuteness of the animal by creating your very own cat cross stitch.  

You can place your cool cat design on any fabric you’d like, whether it be on a canvas to frame, a picture that you want to hang on your wall, or an image to embroider onto your clothing. We have the perfect cat design for you with a range of quirky, fun, cute, and realistic patterned tiles, garment embroidery kits, and cushions kits to choose from.   


Choosing Your Cat Cross Stitch Patterns Australia


Our embroidery kits contain everything you need to make your cat cross stitch designs come to life. Your kit will consist of a  chart, colourful threads, canvas, easy-to-follow instructions, and any embellishments needed to complete your design.  


Practise your stitching skills and let your imagination run wild when you team up with us at Embroidery Kits Superstore. You can create pieces picturing kittens and friendly felines or maybe something a little more controversial with our black cat cross stitch kits for those who like something a bit edgier. No matter what kind of cat cross stitch kits you’re after, we have you covered.  


Order Your Kit From An Aussie Cat Cross Stitch Retailer


Embroidery Kits Superstore is your largest online retailer for embroidery kits in Australia. We are a reliable, professional, dedicated team who works hard to match you with your perfect cat cross stitch kit. We provide quick and efficient dispatch and delivery services throughout numerous Australian and New Zealand postcodes. Our stock is comprehensive – meaning that we guarantee you will get exactly what you want. However, if your desired kit is on the pre-order list, you will be prioritised for delivery and be one of the first customers to receive the kit when it is ready for dispatch.  


We take the hassle out of shopping for cross stitching supplies as our kits contain absolutely everything you need to successfully accomplish your project and enhance your stitching skills. With our kits, you have the freedom to express your artistic talents, try something new, or hone in on the skills you already possess.  


Happy Stitching!


Stitch to your heart’s content with our cat cross stitch kits. Order your cat embroidery kit today and get stitching.

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