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Cross Stitch Brisbane

Embroidery Kits Superstore is the largest online retailer in Brisbane for all your cross stitch needs. Our embroidery shop supplies an extensive range of stitching kits, including cross stitch, long stitch, needlepoint, beaded, and more. You’ll never run out of stitching ideas with our comprehensive kits.  


We offer reliable and efficient delivery services throughout Brisbane – ensuring that you can start your next stitching project sooner rather than later. Our stock of embroidery kits is constantly growing to include the latest trends in cross stitching. If you’re looking to start a new hobby or learn a new skill, choose one of our embroidery kits today and get stitching!  

Free shipping to Brisbane for orders of $69 and above.

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Embroidery Kits


Cross Stitch Kits


Our wide selection of cross stitch kits makes them our most popular products. We stock cross stitch kits for all skill levels. Perhaps you’re a beginner attempting cross stitching for the first time or someone experienced in the art and are looking for a challenge. Regardless, we have the perfect cross stitch kit for you. Choose your favourite embroidery style, including cushions, plastic canvas, toys, garment, and more. Our kits contain everything you need to complete your project, including vibrant threads, a tiled template, canvas, instructions, and more.  


Garment Embroidery Kits


Refresh your wardrobe by adding an element of creativity to each piece of clothing. Give a second chance to outdated or rarely worn clothes by using our garment embroidery kits to create stunning designs that you can showcase on any fabric of your choice. Simply choose a kit, get stitching, and embroider the image onto a piece of clothing. You’ll always love what you’re wearing when it’s unique and full of colour.     


Bead Embroidery Kits


Take your cross stitch designs to the next level with bead embroidery kits. Add an extra element of finesse or personal expression with a variety of beads in all different shapes and sizes. By utilising embellishments and beads on your cross stitching project, you will be incorporating texture and style into your talents. Our bead embroidery kits include threads, templates, a canvas, and most importantly – beads! Choose one of our animal, floral, or landscape designs today and start stitching.   


Cushions Cross Stitch Kits

Get crafty and create your very own cushion covers that will suit your home’s interior perfectly. With our cushion embroidery kits, you’ll be able to utilise your stitching skills to create pillows with extravagant designs and attractive embellishments. Don’t get stuck with the same old boring home décor. Instead, choose a cushion embroidery kit today and start your next project.  

Plastic Canvas & Toys


Express your artistic abilities and create a set of handmade toys that your children will adore. Our plastic canvas kits are the perfect foundation for creating a project that is unique and the ideal gift for those you love. Choose a kit that inspires your creativity and get stitching!    




Keep your stitching kit fully stocked with the latest tools and equipment. When you need supplies for your next stitching project, our online superstore has you covered. We specialise in various accessories, including fabrics, thread organisers, frames and stands, needles, and much more. Browse our website and find what works for you.  


Start Your Stitching Project Today!


For all your stitching needs in Brisbane, order from Embroidery Kits Superstore. We have everything you need to create the most stunning cross stitching projects.  

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