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Greeting Cards Cross Stitch


Looking to add a touch of personality and creative flair to your greeting cards? Embroidery Kits Superstore stocks a wide selection of cross stitch greetings card kits that allow you to unleash your inner artist while creating the perfect greeting card for any occasion. Wish someone a happy birthday, give thanks in a unique way, or simply show someone you love that you care for them with a greeting card that speaks a thousand words through appealing designs and an even better cross stitching technique. So, pick your favourite card embroidery kit and get started today.  


Cross Stitch Cards


Send your loved ones a card that means something to you. Shop-bought cards can be plain, dull, and extremely common. Take your gifts to the next level by creating your very own greeting cards that showcase your imagination and perfectly encompass every kind of celebration.  


With our vibrant, colourful threads and a range of designs to choose from, we guarantee that we have the ideal cross stitch card kit for you. Commemorate a special day such as a wedding or milestone birthday, welcome a new baby to the world or simply show your appreciation towards those you love with a handmade greeting card. 


Choosing Your Card Embroidery Kit


Choosing your card embroidery kit is a simple process as our stock is comprehensive and caters for all skill levels. Whether this is your first time attempting a cross stitching project or you’re experienced in the art of stitching and looking for a challenge, we have a kit for you.  


Simply pick your design, and we’ll send everything you need over to you so you can start stitching right away! The beauty of our kits is that they take the hassle out of starting a new stitching project, searching for supplies, and buying the required tools and equipment. Our kits contain everything you need to complete your greeting cards, including a patterned tile, numerous threads, a canvas, instructions that are easy to follow, embellishments and beads if required, and more.  


Sit back, relax, and stitch to your heart’s content knowing your greeting cards will be the star of the show.  


Order From Our Aussie Online Superstore 


Embroidery Kits Superstore is your Australian online retailer for all things stitching. When it comes to card embroidery kits, we’ve got you covered. we are a reliable and efficient embroidery kit supplier, with fast dispatch and delivery services throughout suburbs in Australia and New Zealand.  


Our stock is extensive and ever-growing – meaning that with so many designs on sale, we guarantee that there is something for everyone. Alternatively, if the greeting card you’re eyeing is currently on our pre-order list, let us know and we’ll send it over to you as soon as it becomes available. We are constantly looking for the latest trends in stitching and upgrading our inventory to provide the very best for our customers.  


Create Your Unique Greeting Cards Today!

Ready to start your next cross stitching project? Order a card embroidery kit today and create your very own, personalised, and handmade greeting cards. Happy stitching!  

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